Worthwhile Adventure

Prep School
17 Jun 22

In Design and Technology, our Year 5 pupils have begun a very worthwhile bridge-building adventure! After investigating different types of bridges, arches, suspension, cantilevers, beams and trusses to mention but a few, they embarked on a mission to draw a detailed plan for their own bridge. The design brief stated that their bridge had to be constructed from recycled cardboard, so the children set off to explore different joining techniques to support their bridge building journey and test out some new skills.

Their quest to acquire new techniques involved tabs, braces, slots, bends and folds and the intrepid Year 5 designers tested their adventurous spirits to try them all out. The result was labelled posters that displayed their examples heroically.

They are combining their bridge-building adventure with collaboration and creativity; some children choose to work in a team or set forth solo. It will be exciting times as pupils’ bridge construction crusade extends their learning.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” Aesop