Our Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance to provide a positive example to the other students throughout the School.

All Lower Sixth students can apply to become School Prefects. This involves writing a letter of application detailing why they think they have the attributes required, before partaking in an interview with the Headmaster and Senior Deputy Head. Given the responsibilities the role entails, the selection process aims to ensure those selected demonstrate the personal qualities that are valued at SVS, including self-discipline, leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking, politeness, helpfulness, respect and care for others.

Those selected to become Prefects take up their post at the start of the Summer Term of their Lower Sixth year. From the pool of Prefects, the Headmaster and Senior Deputy Head then select two Heads of School each term who will lead the Prefects and organise their duties and responsibilities. These include touring prospective parents, managing the Refectory at lunch and break times and greeting guests at School events.