SVS Foundation

The importance of community at Sutton Valence School goes beyond the opportunities and benefits offered simply to our students. Accordingly, we recognise the importance of those who make up our wider community and the role they play in making SVS so special. For Old Suttonians, parents and past parents alike, the School is a community in its own right, the warmth and benefits of which have become synonymous with the education offered here. Maintaining and developing links with these groups are fundamental parts of the School’s wider engagement programme and this is formalised through the SVS Foundation.

Managing an annual programme of activities and events, the SVS Foundation aims to bring together the various strands that make up the wider community to support and promote both School and alumni engagement. The foundation is managed through its own website –, which is designed to provide lifelong connections to the School for the different groups that comprise our community.

Through its comprehensive range of networking opportunities, social groups, careers initiatives and fundraising programmes, the site allows its members to feel connected and involved with the School, even after they have left. This is particularly relevant ahead of the School’s 450th anniversary in 2026, with the SVS Foundation forming an important part of the planned celebrations.

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