Our Community Ethos

Our community structure is designed to create a caring environment that allows students to be fulfilled and challenged, but at the same time feel safe, supported and valued. This caring environment provides a platform from which students have the confidence to push themselves, to be curious and above all else to improve themselves as individuals whilst contributing to and benefitting the whole community.

Each student is valued as an individual with their own distinct sense of worth and potential. We strive to provide the foundations to allow each student’s unique talents to grow, develop and ultimately flourish. Whether these abilities lie in academic work, on the sports field, on the stage or in any other area of SVS life, the School community takes collective pride in recognising and celebrating them.

Our community system emphasises the importance of responsibility, leadership, kindness and friendship amongst our students. It is founded on the principles of trust, tolerance and openness. As such, we expect all our students to treat each other with respect, humanity and care. We all need to recognise that we are unique individuals and it is our differences that make us collectively stronger. Great emphasis is therefore placed on the need to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, world views and attitudes expressed by those in our community.

At times, young people make mistakes and it is important they learn from them in a reflective manner so they can again contribute positively to the community.


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