The School is required to undergo two different types of inspections, completed by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI):

  • Compliance Inspection – this is to ensure that the School has all of the requisite policies in place and that they are understood and followed by all of our staff. No judgements on educational outcomes are made as part of this inspection, only whether the School meets the required standards as part of its normal working practices;
  • Educational Quality Inspection – this type of inspection looks more deeply at how the School operates and what it does to provide a satisfactory level of educational outcome for its students. This is split into pastoral outcomes and academic outcomes, and the role of the inspection is to help ensure that the School fulfils both its obligations and promises.

These inspections alternate approximately every three years. Due to the pandemic, our ISI cycle was postponed for our expected 2020 Educational Quality Inspection and was held in 2022.

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