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The Refectory forms an important part of our community, both in terms of the meals available and the social space it creates. Our Catering team provides the pupils with freshly-made meals, prepared on site each day. Whatever your preferences, the selection of meals available is designed to cater for all.

At lunchtime, all students have an abundance of choices, including a minimum of two hot options, a salad bar, fruit bar, soup of the day, pasta and jacket potatoes. With balanced, healthy options, and every dietary requirement catered for with care, the students can be guaranteed to find something they like. Using locally-sourced ingredients, the Catering team not only produces high-quality meals, but does so with a focus upon the students’ nutrition.

For our boarders, the Refectory serves three meals a day, again offering a vast selection of dishes with the students themselves contributing towards the choice of options available. Reflecting our multi-cultural boarding provision, the Catering team works hard to accommodate different cuisines and also opens up the kitchens once a term for the boarders to help prepare a menu of their choice.

At weekends, boarders have the choice of cooking their own meals, with each boarding house equipped with a fully-fitted kitchen. Here, overseas students often take it in turns to cook their favourite dishes from their homeland, especially around special holidays such as Chinese New Year.

Allergies and special diets
Pupils with special dietary requirements register their needs with the School Medical Centre and a plan is then agreed with the Catering Manager. Our catering team have formal training in allergy awareness and food nutrition.

Special Dietary Requests

Dietary Request Form

Medical Centre

Our highly experienced and qualified team of nurses are on hand for anything medically related. Whether it is advice, a quiet place to recoup or an injury that needs attention, our medical team ensures that students have access to a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Our Medical Centre is staffed during School hours and we also have a nurse on-call for boarders outside of these hours. We are very close to the local doctor’s surgery and the nearest hospital is just 13 miles away. We also offer a regular physiotherapy service for all Senior School pupils through Physiofit Kent.

As well as our nurses, the School also benefits from mental-health co-ordinators and counsellors, who are available to our students and staff throughout the academic year. The team encourages a proactive approach with parents and guardians welcome to reach out to them at any time.

School Shop

The School Clothing Shop is situated on Lower, at the Senior School.

The Shop is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturday from 8am – 12.30pm. It is closed all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

During the School holidays, the shop will be open at specific times, for appointments only. To make an appointment please call on 01622 230844 or email

New and second-hand uniforms can be purchased at the School Clothing Shop. For parents wishing to sell their second-hand uniform, please ensure the garments are clean, repaired and named and leave your address with the clothes. The shop has now integrated to Monkhouse and uniforms can also be purchased online via their website.

You can also purchase stationery at the School Shop which can provide exercise and textbooks for each academic subject. These items are billed at the end of every term.