Welcome to SVPS

Sutton Valence Preparatory School (SVPS), situated in the glorious Kent countryside, is a school with great heart. We take pride in our capacity to cherish each child for who they are, whilst at the same time encouraging them to raise their expectations of themselves so they can achieve their true potential.

We are a school that values individuality and ensures every pupil enjoys their own, unique journey through the most formative years of their education. Encompassing Little Lambs Nursery (age two to four), Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) and Prep (Year 3 to Year 6), SVPS is a vibrant environment that promotes creative freedom and inquisitive thinking and boasts the facilities to truly explore, expand and experience incredible opportunities.

Raising Academic Levels

Preparing our pupils for the next step on their educational journey is our priority. Whether it is moving up to our Senior School or gaining a place at a local grammar school, everything we do throughout their preparatory school career focuses on both enjoyment and achievement. Every child receives the highest quality academic teaching alongside a myriad of opportunities designed to enhance their personal development through an extensive and diverse enrichment programme.

To support our vision, we have developed several bespoke skills development programmes that complement our academic and enrichment activities.

The first of these, Super Hoot, was created to introduce pupils to the value and power of adopting a growth mindset. This is achieved through our SVPS Learning Powers’, where instead of children saying, “I can’t do that”, they ask themselves “What is the best way for me to learn this?”.

We have five pairs of linked Learning Powers with a different pair being focused on each half-term:

  • Independence and Initiative;
  • Empathy and Reflection;
  • Tenacity and Bravery;
  • Curiosity and Originality;
  • Flexibility and Collaboration.

Super Hoot is followed by every year group and embedded into the curriculum. Not only do we actively ensure it is a whole-School approach, we regularly involve our parents to support the process at home.

A second bespoke programme that is followed by the whole School is called P4L – Preparation for Learning, Leadership and Life. This specialised subject incorporates PSHE, to give our pupils the valuable life skills that will need to succeed in the future. There are six areas within P4L:

  • Health and Safety;
  • Thinking and Study Skills;
  • Global Awareness and Understanding;
  • Social Responsibility;
  • Innovate and Create;
  • Practical Skills.