Super Hoot is Superb

Prep School
17 Jun 22

Super Hoot is a well-known member of the Sutton Valence School community. As an owl, Super Hoot is wise, taking the role of Learning Power mascot seriously, by encouraging a growth mindset.

In P4L, our Year 3 children took their role as creative, caring and considerate artists seriously by reimagining Super Hoot in their own imaginative way. Super Hoot is more super, more inspiring, more remarkable, more marvellous and more personalised and meaningful to each individual child.

They worked with curiosity and imagination – what would their reimagined Super Hoot look like? They embraced independence and initiative – what materials would they use? They used flexibility and collaboration – what if I change this, ask someone else? They showed tenacity and bravery – how will I experiment, turn a mistake into part of my drawing and put my best creative foot forward? They nurtured empathy and reflection – what did my peers do well, how did I do, and what could I improve?

The children applied their Super Hoot Learning Powers to reimagine their feathery friend and collaboratively created bunting to inform and inspire their peers when it hangs up in the corridors. Superb!