Magical Theatre Visit

Prep School
17 Jun 22

Below, Miss Corkran speaks about the School’s magical visit from the Magical Mongolian Academic Opera Theatre Company and the spectacular performance that they were treated to.

‘Back in February I met with Graham Hill, Director of the Mongolian Academic Opera Theatre Company/English School of Mongolia’s England Tour. I was very excited at the prospect of the children of SVPS experiencing such a fantastic compilation of opera, dance and music, but I didn’t realise quite what a spectacular performance we would be treated to!

The performance started with the orchestra which was of an exceptional standard and truly delighted their audience. We went on to be enchanted by some beautiful ballet and it was lovely to hear the gasps of joy from, in particular, the younger members of our School as many children had their first experience of seeing a live ballet performance. Many of us particularly enjoyed the Mongolic  aspect of the show with stunning costumes and dancing that took our breath away. Finally, the company performed extracts from Oklahoma through dance and song which thoroughly entertained the audience, many of whom leapt to their feet to give the performers a well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

We are all very grateful to Graham Hill and his company of performers for sharing their talent with SVPS and I very much hope they will return in the future.’