Virtual Journeys – Lent Term 2021

Senior School
8 Jan 21

As a result of the Government’s decision to close all schools in England, we have successfully started our Lent Term online.

As during the Summer Term, we will provide our usual high standard of education via our very successful Virtual Journeys programme of online learning. Our pupils and their parents have all been provided with a Virtual Journeys guide to help support them throughout this period of remote learning.

Our pastoral care and support will remain priorities, with an abundance of avenues to assist you. We will continue to provide our weekly Chapel sermons and Headmaster’s Assembly virtually. There will be a plethora of co-curricular and enrichment offerings available to enable engagement and connection within our community, albeit virtually.

During the Michaelmas Term, we rolled out our new Digital Strategy, which involved all students having a portable digital device, using Microsoft Teams and OneNote as a daily resource and our teachers using digital ink devices as advanced marking tools. This has ensured that our pupils and staff can maintain an excellent level of communication with one another, regardless of distance. Our ICT Support team is also on hand to offer technical support to pupils and parents.

We understand this may feel like an overwhelming time for everyone, but we are confident that we will continue to deliver the highest quality educational experience to our whole community.