Blue Gown and Blue Badge Awards – Michaelmas Term 2020

Senior School
8 Jan 21

At the end of the Michaelmas Term, we were delighted to see how many students had received Blue Gown and Blue Badge awards.

Students receive a Blue Badge once they have accumulated 90 Bluepoints, which are awarded throughout the term in recognition of their contribution to School life. Any pupil who earns two Blue Badges in their School career will be awarded a Dark Blue Gown (similar to a Prefects’ Gown) to wear in Chapel and on special occasions.

The following pupils have been awarded Blue Gowns, which is the ultimate accolade for all-round contribution to our community:

Phoebe Connell (Fourth Form)

Thomas Duckworth (Fourth Form)

Olivia Farrell (Fourth Form)

Maximus Woods (Fifth Form)

Archie Yorke (Upper Sixth)

The following pupils have been awarded Blue Badges this term:

Junior Blue Badge Awards

Beth Abrehart (Second Form)

Chloe Balcomb (Second Form)

Archie Burden (Second Form)

Harry Demarne (Second Form)

Wilfred Dickinson (Second Form)

Edward Dyer (Second Form)

Tess Hodson (Second Form)

Seren Lloyd-Jones (Second Form)

Simone Rai (Second Form)

George Slater (Second Form)

Grace Williams (Second Form)

Blue Badge Awards

Elizabeth Averill (Fifth Form)

Nicole Avery (Upper Sixth)

Oliver Aylett (Fourth Form)

Isabella Bailey (Upper Sixth)

Ewen Barr (Upper Sixth)

Oliver Barr (Fourth Form)

Lucy Barrett (Fourth Form)

Juliet De Banzie (Upper Sixth)

Tobias Dickinson (Upper Sixth)

Frederick Donaldson (Fifth Form)

Sophie Edwards (Fourth Form)

Harrison Endenburg (Upper Sixth)

Max Finley (Fourth Form)

Haydn Fletcher (Fourth Form)

Edward Fuller (Fourth Form)

Charlotte Gilman (Upper Sixth)

Charlie Hadley (Upper Sixth)

Daisy Hills (Upper Sixth)

Annabel Hunt (Fourth Form)

Joshua Miller (Fourth Form)

Fred Mundell (Third Form)

Jemma Payne-Cook (Fifth Form)

Freya Penfold (Fifth Form)

Camilla Polglase (Fourth Form)

Jack Price (Upper Sixth)

Thomas Sharman (Upper Sixth)

Isabella Sinclair (Fourth Form)

Adam Smith (Fifth Form)

Jonathan Stokes-Vega (Fifth Form)

Oliver Stuart (Fourth Form)

Finley Thomas (Fourth Form)

Molly Veasey (Upper Sixth)

Bradley Whitehead (Fourth Form)

Daniel Wild (Fifth Form)

Oliver Williams (Fourth Form)

Thomas Wood (Fifth Form)

Grace Wright (Fourth Form)

Louisa Yorke (Fifth Form)

Congratulations to you all.