P4L – Michaelmas Highlights

Senior School
11 Dec 20

The children have really enjoyed their P4L lessons this term.

Year 1 focused on the learning area of Innovate and Create where they learned about the effects of filming in front of the green screen. They had fun performing and filming in front of the screen.

Year 2 have been working hard on their Christmas play this term, so did not have P4L lessons.

Year 3 focused on Health and Safety, which gave them the opportunity to explore fire safety in the run-up to Diwali and Bonfire night, and they explored personal hygiene which gave them the opportunity to explore how bugs can multiply when we do not clean up effectively.

Year 4 looked at Global Awareness, building on some of the learning they did on China in Year 3 and making links with their current topic of the Ancient Romans. Did you know that there used to be a Roman Road that ran through the grounds here at SVPS? They have also enjoyed sharing their learning with the students at HIKSVS.

Year 5 also looked at Innovate and Create, where they explored ‘good’ and ‘bad’ technology and discussed the ethics of recent innovations. They considered inventions from the past and present, such as apps, traffic lights and the SpaceX Program. They will continue with this in the Lent Term, thinking about and designing a solution to a ‘real-world’ problem.

Year 6 explored money matters as part of the Social Responsibility area of learning. This linked in nicely with all of the charity work the SVPS family has done this term. It also allowed them to find out a bit more about finance and how it works, as they prepare for life further afield, in the not too distant future. They have shown they could use their initiative and work independently as they tackled mini projects with real budgets, such as planning a Christmas wedding, planning a family holiday, a School trip to London and a charity party. An awesome term for all!