Vamping it up with VOCES8

Prep School
25 Feb 22

The atmosphere was alive with anticipation on Monday, as the Chamber Choir prepared for their second session working with Laurel Neighbour from the world-renowned a cappella vocal group, VOCES8.

Having enjoyed themselves so much at her last visit in January, the children were eager to spend time with her once more. Fresh back from Half Term, they came prepared, brimming with enthusiasm, ready for another high-octane rehearsal. Laurel did not disappoint, mixing new entertaining and energetic openers with some popular favourites from her last visit. After the initial excitement, with voices, bodies and brains all warmed up, some focused work started on the Choir’s repertoire for the Spring Concert. The group honed the harmony parts they had worked with Laurel to create in their last session with her and concentrated more on sound production and performance skills.

The afternoon would not have been complete without another rendition of the all-time favourite Mango, Mango but with the addition of some new fruits to the menu. As well as mango, kiwi, pineapple and banana, this time passion fruit, papaya and watermelon were also included in the mix. Ask your children about this at your peril – they will not stop singing it once they have started!

The afternoon drew to a close with some opportunities for solo singing. Needless to say, the competition was fierce for the chance to fly solo in front of such a formidable professional as Laurel and the group held their heads up high, producing some super sounds with fabulous confidence. Now, as well as preparing for the Spring Concert, the group’s sights are set on their trip to the VOCES8 Centre in London in March. They will see Laurel for a final time in the fabulous setting of St Anne and St Agnes Church near St Paul’s in the city, at a filming session to record all the material they have worked on with her this term. Did someone say excited!….