Felting Fun 2022

Prep School
25 Feb 22

Felting fun filled the Art room and it was awash with colour, creativity, and water! Our Year 6 pupils had fun extending their skills to create fantastic felted landscapes in a workshop led by felting expert Sue Kimber. Strands of rainbow-coloured wool shone from the tables as the children painted with wool, layering the fibres to compose their lively landscapes. Some landscapes even sported some curly wool, from Sue’s favourite sheep, Dave, which they used for clouds, waves and snow.

Water mixed with dishwashing liquid was the magic potion that began the scientific transformation of the fibres (and wet the floors). The final touch entailed some energetic throwing skills to shock the wool fibres to bond fully into felt.

Here is some feedback from the children themselves:

“Sue was very helpful in the felting process. We made landscapes like the artist Moy Mackay. We were encouraged to use vibrant colours and just create! Everyone made a different and unique masterpiece. We all enjoyed the incredible experience. It was quite messy as we were making them, but we communicated and helped each other to make our landscapes. In the end, we were all so happy with our creations!” Esme S and Tess H

“I really enjoyed it and liked my landscape” Isaac F

“It was fabulous! We got to throw our felt landscape on the ground 50 times!” Ruben D

“I enjoyed throwing it on the ground 100 times!” Jai S

“I really loved the felting workshop. I thought it was a great experience and I hope I can do it again.” Emerald P

“A memorable experience, especially the throwing part.” Olivia Q

“I really liked the felt workshop. I liked the blue and purple sky in my felted landscape” Zach SG

“I loved the workshop. It’s been one of the best workshops we have had. All the vibrant colours made you smile.” Harriet B, Ella G, Ivy K and Sophia D