Splendid Screwdrivers

Senior School
25 Feb 22

Our Lower Sixth Design and Technology students have recently completed their screwdriver manufacture project. Throughout this project, they have successfully developed their skills in manufacture and have learnt how to use a wide range of new tools and processes within the Design and Technology department.

The students manufactured their screwdriver boxes from oak, creating accurate comb joints using hand processes such as chiselling and filing to ensure their joints were within the product specification tolerance. Students learnt how to use the router to create a rebate in their boxes to secure the acrylic base in place. Utilising Adobe Illustrator (CAD) and the laser cutter (CAM), students engraved designs onto the boxes to enhance the aesthetic appeal and then applied a Danish oil finish to improve the aesthetics of the oak.

To manufacture their screwdriver handle, students faced off their aluminium handle on the lathe to ensure an accurate handle. Students then used the milling machine to mill a slot on their handle, where they marked, centre punched and drilled pilot holes ready for tapping a thread to insert their machine screws. To manufacture the screwdriver shaft, students used the forge to shape their flathead screwdriver, following which they utilised their knowledge of heat treatment to appropriately harden and temper their screwdriver shaft. Finally, students went through a range of finishing processing to ensure a high quality screwdriver finish, including wet and dry sanding, polishing and applying vinyl decals.

Students not only developed their manufacturing skills throughout this project, but also applied their understanding of a range of theoretical topics.

Mr Kirk and Miss Latter were really impressed with the product outcomes and the students thoroughly enjoyed learning a range of new skills to put into practice their theoretical understanding.