Trying New Transfer Techniques

Senior School
1 Jul 22

Fourth Form GCSE Photography students have been experimenting with Mod Podge, a transfer technique inspired by artists such as Sally Mankus, Angela Petsis and Robert Rauschenberg. As part of their coursework, it is important students meet assessment objective two of the OCR GCSE specification by refining their work by exploring ideas, selecting, and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques, and processes.

Students have selected an artist and a number of photographs from their personal photoshoots to use for the photo transfer technique. Using a photocopy image of their work, students painted Mod Podge onto the image side and placed this on top of their creative acrylic paint background. After waiting 24 hours students were able to remove the top layer of paper by using a sponge and water.

The next stages will be adding different types of glosses and varnishes to saturate the image. Further digital editing can be used to extend and enhance the image on Adobe Photoshop. We look forward to seeing the final experimental and exciting outcomes produced.