The sound of spring at Lent concert

Prep School
27 Mar 23

On Thursday last week, the Prep children took to the stage to put on a live musical performance to be proud of at the SVPS Spring Concert. Every child in Years 3 to 6 took part, singing both with their year group and as part of the whole School Choir. In addition, the concert gave a platform to all the instrumental ensembles and choirs that the children can choose to participate in here at SVPS. From Adele (Chamber Choir) and Taylor Swift (the Rock Group) to more traditional fare from the Orchestra and the Clarinet Ensemble, the various groups took the audience through a range of genres and musical styles, all delivered with an energy and enthusiasm that defined the evening. The audience responded in kind with cheers as well as a few tearful moments. What a fabulous celebration of our children’s talent and demonstration of their performance panache. Congratulations one and all!