Powers of observation

Prep School
27 Mar 23

On 23rd March, Year 3 went to Herstmonceux Observatory and Science Centre. Whilst there, they were blessed with pleasant weather that allowed them to explore the outdoor discovery parks as well as the indoor hands-on exhibits. Year 3 were most enthusiastic and motivated to get stuck in with the tasks and discover the science behind the activities. Bridge building saw Year 3 work well together on collaborative tasks, communicating and listening to one another. Water Planet, as ever, was loved by all, with some serious dam building taking place to hold the water before sending the duck swimming. The balance board in Discovery Park caused much amusement and the Archimedes screw was most fascinating. The Light and Colour room brought much excitement, especially the ghost screen. Year 3 enjoyed the awe and wonder of the dome housing the telescope and were delighted when the dome opened and spun round.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day and were most relieved that the rain held off until they shut the doors on the minibus to head home.