Pre-Prep Round Up

28 Mar 23

Little Steps:

Little Steps have had a very busy week! They have been happy to explore the garden and continue to use their muscles in new and different ways, building skills and confidence.

The children have started a project of creating their very own daffodils. Next week the children will continue with a variety of spring based activities.

Young Climbers:

Young Climbers have been learning all about nature and using this for our activities! We have made our own playdough and created different pieces with this, we have used real life flowers for painting, and we even have tadpoles growing! We have observed the changes to the tadpoles across the week and will continue to learn how they change and how we can look after them as they develop.

Next week we will be planting cress, creating natural pictures from flowers and sticks and exploring how things change and grow.


This week, Reception have been concluding their topic of ‘Around the World’. They have been working hard to remember new digraphs and trigraphs. In their Maths lessons it has been full on, securing those number bonds to ten! The children have also been busy making Easter baskets and cards.

Year 1:

1P blew us away with their incredible class assembly on Tuesday! They have learnt so much about the Ancient Egyptians, showing off some of their excellent work this term. Not only had they written some excellent pieces about mummification, they had also produced a replica of Tutankhamun’s death mask. They had also written their names in hieroglyphs. All of the children were fabulous dancers and even wowed us with a human pyramid at the end!