The Sound of Music

Senior School
24 Jan 20

The hills were alive last week as the Senior production of The Sound of Music took to the stage in the Baughan Theatre. The months leading up to the production had been something of a whirlwind, with already busy students working hard to fit in rehearsals with academic, sporting and other duties to fulfil around the school. Read the Director’s note, by Mr Fewson, below:

“As production week approached, and the sense of anticipation for yet another sold-out production around the School grew; it became ever apparent to the cast that they were facing a tall order. 

They were bringing to life a timeless classic – one that many people knew and loved, and the pressure of making the piece their own really bonded the group together in the final weeks. This excitement was somewhat changed to apprehension when a power-cut on the day of the Dress Rehearsal rendered all equipment useless… This is the moment, for me, that the show came together, as the company refused to let something like a pitch-black theatre get in the way of a good rehearsal! There was something magical about leading an hour-long rehearsal by torch-light. This also gave the cast the confidence to focus on their own performance, rather than any of the technical aspects of the piece that may have distracted them in previous rehearsals.

Thanks to our wonderful site team, the Bursar, Mr Fowle and the Deputy Headmaster, Mr Farrell the rehearsal (with lights) happened that evening as planned. From that moment onward, they never looked back.

To me, this piece is about loss, grief and the need to connect to those closest to us. Maria is a wonderful character, so full of life who restores music and love to the dark world of Captain von Trapp – a man who is lost after the death of his wife and avoids his children, when he is not treating them like subordinates. Add to that the difficult political climate in the background that dominates conversations and changes long-standing relationships, and this story seemed as relevant today as when it was first told.

Three shows, standing ovations and lots of praise later, it feels like the week passed too quickly. The company did themselves, and the School, proud. It was a delightful experience for those who came to see it and hopefully some truly unforgettable memories for those on stage – particularly for those Upper Sixth Form pupils who will be bidding us farewell this year.”

‘Follow ev’ry rainbow

Till you find your dream.’

We are so proud of the entire cast and crew, both on stage and behind the curtains – congratulations to all involved! 

You can see the Sound of Music photo album here.