The History of Sandwiches

Senior School
30 Sep 22

In EAL (English as an Additional Language) lessons, pupils have been learning about a very popular food in England – sandwiches! Elvis Lau (Second Form) writes about what he has been learning below:

“Sandwiches are a very popular food in England and last week, in EAL, we learned everything we need to know about them! Miss Manning taught us step-by-step how to make a sandwich. First, we had to wash our hands, then get a slice of bread and put some filling on it. I chose smoked salmon and cream cheese. After that, I added some black pepper. Finally, I added another slice of bread and cut it in half. It was really delicious and I hope I can make one for my friends in the future.

We also learned about the history of sandwiches. The first sandwich ever recorded was made by Hillel the Elder in the 1st Century BC. He mixed nuts, apples and spices together and put it between two slices of bread. In the 18th Century, the name ‘sandwich’ appeared, named after John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. He was hungry but did not want to stop gambling so he was given some beef between two pieces of bread. Sandwiches are now part of everyday life in the UK.

We had so much fun learning about sandwiches. I will never forget this lesson.