Prefect Piece – Kenji J-T

Prep School
7 Oct 22

Kenji J-T (Year 6) talks in his prefect piece below about his love for Marcus Rashford’s series of books and the important messages within them.

“Recently I read Marcus Rashford’s book, ‘You Are A Champion’. He is the iconic Manchester United number 10, and he has written three books so far. Two are in the ‘You Are A Champion’ series and they are inspirational guides. The other is a novel called ‘The Beast Beyond the Fence’ and it is all about friendship.

I read two out of three of the books over the summer holidays and I am reading the third one now. I would like to draw your attention to his books because they are very good for inspiring you to find courage in yourself.

They make you realize the power that you have in yourself and that you have a bigger voice than you thought. By that, I do not mean shouting but that there are ways for you to get your opinion heard. He also writes about how kind you can be and it is always better to be kind in life, even though sometimes it is not the easier choice.

These are ideas which are useful for school. For example, if you are finding something hard you may feel like you want to give up, but it is always good to keep trying harder. As Marcus Rashford says, you can find the power in you to do this. If you feel like there is something wrong at school, you could tell someone and find ways to make positive changes. If you use your voice to speak up it helps everybody. If someone is getting bullied, you could act by telling a teacher because it is not good to be a bystander. This is also a way of showing kindness to people. Kindness is not only important at school, but it is important in everyone’s daily lives. It is always good to be kind because you feel good and other people feel good as well.

If you get the chance, ask your parents to get you Marcus Rashford’s books. I really loved reading them and they helped me with my life, so they might help you too”.

Kenji J-T, Prefect