Prefect Piece – Avia E-O

Prep School
7 Oct 22

Avia E-O (Year 6) talks in her prefect piece below about her love for music and the musical opportunities that the School offers.

My name is Avia, and I really like music. At SVPS, we have a lot of music to offer, from violin to flute, piano to guitar, you name it. I sing and I also play the violin. We have an amazing set of music staff including Mrs Lordon as our Director of Music and Mr Moulton, who teaches Pre-Prep and is also the singing teacher.

We have a lot of musical ensembles like Chamber Choir, Senior and Super Strings, Senior Choir and more. Last week was Harvest so we have been learning some new songs called, The Sharing Bread and Here I am, Lord. Every year, at the end of each term, we have a concert to show off all the songs we have learnt. Last year, when I was in Year 5, we sang The Circle of Life from The Lion King. We practised a lot, so we sounded quite good. If you practice something that you like, then you can get better!

Avia E-O, Prefect