Great Greek Day

Prep School
7 Oct 22

On Tuesday, our Year 3 pupils were lucky enough to have ‘Portals from the Past’ in for a workshop to embrace their Humanities topic on Ancient Greece. The children came dressed as ancient Greeks featuring Zeus, Athena, many other warriors, Gods and Goddesses. They learnt about early Greek life and culture from the war between Sparta and Athens, democracy and Greek legends.

Enthusiastically, they engaged in a fun, fact filled Greek quiz, further expanding their knowledge and understanding of our topic. The children challenged themselves to solve Archimedes’ Stomachion – the oldest known mathematical puzzle, participated in Petteia, the Greek strategy game and listened to the retellings of some Myths and legends. They were then transported to a Greek theatre to create some re-enactments, including that of the famous myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

They ended the day looking closely at some artefacts and having a go at some of the formations used by the army. A fun filled and very educational day all-round with the children dressed for the part. Many thanks to Mrs Cotton for organising and all the parents for their support with the costumes!