Sutton Bake Off

Senior School
15 Oct 20

Inspired by the new series of the Great British Bake Off, Head of House, Nicole Avery (Upper Sixth) led a Sutton Bake Off last Sunday afternoon.

Nicole took charge of the group making cupcakes (using her great grandmother’s secret recipe), whilst Muhing Okhrabu (Upper Sixth) and Anastasiia Trakalo (Upper Sixth) led another group choosing to make chocolate brownies.

In the absence of Paul Hollywood, Mrs Manning stepped into the judging role. After a heated Stork versus butter debate, the girls went head to head. When the cakes were in the oven, they started to choose their decorations and plan their designs, but which side would win?

Whilst the cupcakes undoubtedly won in terms of creativity and design, the chocolate brownies won the taste test, so overall it was a draw.

After coming down from their sugar high, the girls still had to face clearing up the kitchen, but it was definitely worth the mess.