Shining Stars

Prep School
4 Feb 22

Edward Tulane, a china rabbit and the main character in Year 6’s set text, has an affinity for the stars. They comfort him throughout his miraculous journeys and we, the reader, are reminded of their regularity and shining status as events begin and end.

Stars play an important role in our lives too, having helped humans navigate in the past by lighting up the sky when it was dark. Furthermore, they symbolise enlightenment, renewal, spreading positivity, hope and protection. All of these are star-studded themes in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Year 6 looked closely at Edward’s stargazing and presented shining examples of fact-finding and figurative writing. They delighted in discovering interesting information about the constellations, drawing celestial heavens and writing with gold pens.

This weekend, if the velvety night skies are free of cloud, take the opportunity to join Edward Tulane and Year 6 in appreciating and admiring the shining stars; making a wish if one shoots by!