Sweet Art

Prep School
4 Feb 22

Children in Art club have been enjoying sweet times while furthering their observational drawing skills. Focusing on drawing 3D forms, they mastered the art of drawing cubes, cylinders, cuboids and spherical shapes. They transferred these skills to drawing a still life comprised of Liquorice Allsorts shapes. The tastily drawn treats were coated, using coloured pencils, in shading and mark making and when the compositions were complete, the still life was eaten!

Having developed a sweet tooth for drawing, the children used chocolates and mini eggs to create a still life that offered the challenge of 3D shapes in shiny wrappers. This developed their use of contour lines and tonal value to create scrunched, twisted cellophane and speckled mini eggs, along with a determination to finish their drawings in order to consume the sugary 3D subject matter. Sweet!