Proud as a Peacock

Prep School
11 Nov 22

Congratulations to Isla Davis (Year 6) for being chosen as one of only three runners up in the Maidstone Museums’ Foundation Summer Challenge to create a new MMF mascot. The design brief stated that they were looking for a unique mascot, a fictional character to introduce new challenges.

Isla’s peacock design, Majestic Milo of Maidstone Museum, was a strong candidate for the role and the MMF was impressed by ‘her wonderful drawing – and concept – for the MMF mascot design Competition 2022. It was a thoughtful and beautifully executed design that really stood out among all the other entries.’

Her peacock idea was inspired by the fact that the museum is housed in Chillington Manor and peacocks are associated with grandeur. The words on the feathers represent and describe the different exhibits at the museum. The eyes on the feathers can be interchangeable depending on the events and exhibitions that would currently be on at the museum.