Year 1’s Great Fire of London

Prep School
11 Nov 22

Our Year 1 children have been acting out The Great Fire of London in our Pudding Lane bakery. They have taken turns being the baker, Samuel Pepys, King Charles II and the people of London as they tried to stop the fire with buckets of water, fire hooks and water squirters.

They used key facts, dates and names of famous people in their retelling of events. The children also made Advent wreaths in RE, learning what each candle represents. In Mathematics they are developing their subtraction skills with the aid of bead strings, playdoh, cubes and the introduction of a number line for larger sums.

In English lessons they started their key text for the term , ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’ and the children made excellent predictions about what will happen through studying the front cover and making connections with what they learnt in their History lesson. It has been such a great start to the Half Term.