Prefect Piece – Zachary H

Prep School
21 Oct 22

Zachary H (Year 6) talks in his prefect piece below about the time he went fishing on a mackerel bash charter boat adventure.

On a holiday with my family in Tenby, Pembrockshire, we went fishing on a mackerel bash charter boat adventure. We met the boat in the harbour and its name was ‘Summertime’. The captain was called Nigel and his first mate was called Jack. As I got on the boat, I felt a little nervous because the sea was quite choppy. We then sat on the back of the boat next to the rods and reels.

Nigel instructed us on how to use the rods. On the ends of the rods, there were feathers to act as a shiny fish because mackerel like to eat whitebait, which are small and shiny. We went up to the rod, they were called multipliers which you just let flow down onto the seabed. The rods were heavy and made your arms ache because you had to wave them up and down, to make the feathers look like fish.

I cast my rod in, waved up and down for a bit and reeled the line back up again. Suddenly, my rod was vibrating and I asked my grandad, “Have I caught a fish?’’ He told me to reel it up again and see, it was a mackerel! I was so happy; it was my first catch! Jack took it off the hook and chucked it in the bucket. I caught three more mackerel and they all went in the bucket. At the end, Jack tied them up in some line. We left the boat and were excited to show mummy, Eadie and Ellis our catches of the day!

Zachary H, Prefect