Perfect Pumpkin Week

Prep School
21 Oct 22

Children in Reception had great fun during pumpkin week.

They practised their sight words by using a spinner to read and write the words on an enormous pumpkin.

Some pumpkins had numbers written on them and they tried ordering them.

They hammered golf tees into pumpkins to test their fine motor skills and measured the circumference of what must have been, the largest pumpkin in the world.

They ordered pumpkins by size and made pumpkins from card.

They even found the time to prepare and taste a cheeky pumpkin soup, some of them thought it was nice and some of them thought it was yucky!

Who knew there was so much fun you can have with pumpkins. Thank you, Mr Catt, they loved their pumpkin delivery!! The children are now truly pumpkin-ed out! They did save the seeds, however, what else could they do?