Prefect Piece – Alessia A-B

Prep School
21 Oct 22

Alessia A-B (Year 6) talks in her prefect piece below about her love for sport, particularly Hockey and Cricket.

My name is Alessia and as some of you know I absolutely love sport, it is a very big passion of mine! At School we have lots of different sports, such as: Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Swimming, Football and many more.

I love all sports, but I particularly like Hockey. In Hockey, you are always on the go and active. I play centre forward in the A team and we play a lot of matches and tournaments. It is a great pleasure to play in tournaments with the A team, as it helps us learn more skills, read the game and gain more experience.

My other favourite sport is Cricket and my strength is bowling. It was very different playing Cricket last summer, as we played hardball and mixed with the boys who have been playing a lot longer than us. Some are stronger and have better technique, but with some training we got to be better than some of the boys (though they might not admit it!). It was a bit daunting playing against boys at first, but I really liked the challenge.

After the Cricket season, I tried out for the Kent County Cricket team and met a number of other girls who love Cricket. Sadly, I did not get in, but I had a lot of fun on the day and I shall be back to try again next time. There are plenty of clubs and county trials and if you are passionate about a certain sport then I would highly recommend you have a go. Most of all, sport is about having fun, playing with your friends, and enjoying yourself. It is really good for you too!”