Prefect Piece: Sheep

Prep School
10 Feb 23

In her Prefect Piece, Alice W (Year 6) talks about the responsibilities of taking care of sheep, including feeding and checking to see if they have given birth.

“I am Alice Sheldon and I take care of Valais Blacknose sheep. Currently, we have two yearlings, who are called Jessie and Avery. They are very cuddly and cheeky, but they are hard to handle. We also have six pregnant sheep who are due to give birth shortly.

Mum and I wake up at 6am each morning and go to the fields to check if they have given birth overnight. We also go after school and at 7pm, it is a tiring job. One of my responsibilities is to feed them and when it is frosty they eat so much hay as the ground is cold. This is my favourite picture – feeding time!”