French Play Review 

Prep School
10 Feb 23

On Thursday, pupils in Years 5 and Year 6 visited the Senior School’s Baughan Theatre to watch a French play called, “Parlez-vous Français?” (Do you speak French?). Emily H (Year 6) writes about this experience below.

“The play is about an English boy called Archie who goes on a school ski trip to France. He has a skiing accident and ends up in hospital. In this hospital, a nurse looks after him but he does not know much French and the nurse cannot speak English, so it is entertaining to see how they communicate and what is misinterpreted.

The play was very amusing, exciting and got us all on the edge of our seats. We all learnt many new French terms, such as date of birth (date de naissance); what is the time? (quelle heure est-il?); please may I have… (s’il vous plait puis-je avoir…) and a lot more.

The actors were extremely funny and played their characters really well.  It has inspired us to learn more French; especially seeing how useful it can be when on holiday – whatever the circumstance!”