Graphic Design and China

Prep School
10 Feb 23

This term, pupils in Year 6 have been working on their Graphic Design topic and have been getting to grips with the shapes tools in PowerPoint that allow them to replicate famous app icons from their mobile devices. They have learnt how to arrange different shapes in layers, recolour them, apply transparency and merge elements into bespoke shapes. Their next step is to design some of their own original logos.

In Humanities, they have also been studying China and delving into the economics of the country. They have looked at the different products China exports, discussed why China is such a wealthy country and examined which countries are the main importers of goods from China. Here, they created a graph in Excel of the top ten goods and began to understand terms such as ‘Trade Surplus’ and ‘Trade Deficit’. They have also started to research the pollution levels in China.