Prefect Piece – Ruben D

Prep School
27 May 22

In the following prefect piece, Ruben D (Year 6) talks about his love for paper aeroplanes – a hobby which started during lockdown:

I love making paper aeroplanes! It is a hobby I started in lockdown. My brother and I would spend hours making different designs and then fly them in our garden. This enjoyable activity requires me to use my STEM skills when refining my designs: making them more aerodynamic, reducing air resistance, lighter, heavier and so on.

I recommend that you look on the internet for a variety of templates for paper planes. There are lots of designs, ranging from simple designs to ones that can be created to fly back to you!

An interesting fact: the first recorded Guinness World Record for the ’farthest flight of a paper aeroplane’ was set in 1985, by Tony Felch at La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA. He managed a distance of 58.82 metres!

I have managed to fly one an impressive 14 metres; with the help of the wind moving the plane along. I encourage you to have a go and find your personal best!

Ruben D, Year 6 Prefect