The Wonders of Hole Park

Prep School
27 May 22

On Tuesday 24th May, our Year 3 children braved the rain and visited the beautiful grounds of Hole Park. They enjoyed a guided tour of the stunning, vast gardens and roamed the parkland completing a scavenger hunt along the way. On our explorations, we discovered echoing walls, trees with peelable bark, a fabulous fireproof tree that has developed a soft bark that protects it from fire, a beautifully carved tree with bears climbing to a honey pot, Hole Park’s very own Monet-style bridge and within the garlic corridor, an ‘Ice house’ could be found.

The sundials discovered at various points fascinated us and we put our Roman numeral reading to the test, to tell the time. Hole Park is home to some spectacular water features and the children excelled themselves using oil pastels to capture the beauty of the water lily pads, flowers, reflections and movement of the water. We concluded our day with some delicious and well-deserved ice cream.