Photography Brent Varrall

Senior School
25 Feb 22

Brent Varrall (Fifth Form) is an ambitious and creative photographer currently focusing on his final project theme ‘Dreamland’. He has recently completed a photoshoot ‘Expression and Shapes’ inspired by a British photographer, publisher and film director named Rankin. Rankin is best known for work that is on the cultural cusp and leading future trends.

Brent is concentrating on capturing the different perspectives and expressions of personalities in his images by using different shapes and colouration. He uses his iPhone to capture all his images using the portrait mode feature, a very successful method of capturing portrait shots. He said, “I enjoy the creativity you have in photography going into different subjects and areas of Photography”.

During the GCSE and​ A Level Photography courses, the teachers explain the importance of planning and production before a photo shoot. There are many elements to consider when setting up for a good quality photo shoot, this would include model, costume, make-up, lighting, pose, background and props. Brent has taken this advice onboard and uses his sister as the main model in his photo shoot. Using a variety of face paints and wigs, he created these eye-catching, bold, and well-considered series of photographs that reflect the theme and brief.