Music with Laurel

Prep School
4 Feb 22

Wow, was the atmosphere buzzing in the Music department on Monday!

The Chamber Choir were fired up with excitement at the prospect of their first visit from VOCES8 education leader, Laurel Neighbour, who was to spend the afternoon rehearsing with them. VOCES8 are a world-renowned a cappella choral ensemble and Laurel engaged and inspired the children as they worked with her on some of their current repertoire.

After a series of high energy and fast paced warmups that put the children through their paces musically, Laurel worked with them on the songs the Chamber Choir are preparing for the Spring Concert after Half Term.

She encouraged the children to come up with their own suggestions for adding in harmonies to the melody line they had already learned. As they experimented, the children’s confidence grew and by the end a whole new part had emerged for the song’s chorus, a product entirely of the children’s own musical imaginings!

Here are some quotes from the children about their experience of the day:

“I loved the warmup session with Laurel because it was fun and there was lots of energy plus I really enjoyed sharing my ideas for the harmony parts (especially when our own ideas were used). I had a great time!” Sienna C

“It was great. I loved how we put extra parts in the song and improved it, also I loved the mango song. It was very exciting and new but also it got me ready for the session” Isabella H

“I enjoyed the mango song” Avia E

“I really loved it, she taught us by closing our eyes how to listen to the other voices better around us. Also it was fun practising the Mango Song whilst walking round the tables to warm up our voices” Holly T

All in all, it was hugely fun and inspiring and the choir are now even more excited about Laurel’s next visit later this month, and their trip to the VOCES8 Centre in London later this term.