Listen up

Prep School
4 Feb 22

This half of term, our Year 4 pupils have been exploring the topic ‘sound’. The first lesson started off in complete silence; the pupils thought Mr Strydom had lost his voice! Being silent, one appreciates all the quieter sounds around School. It turns out you can even hear the projector’s cooling fan, when you listen carefully enough. Life is all about balance and we were in credit with the ‘sound bank’. What followed can only be explained as organised chaos. We explored a parley of instruments – all at the same time. This led to a curious Mr Watkins popping in to find out what all the racket was about!

So far, we have learned how sound travels and explored pitch and amplitude. Next, we investigated materials to see which will provide the best insulation against sound. We promise to send our results to Mr Watkins, so he can use our research to help soundproof his baby son’s room!