Monstrous Making

Senior School
4 Oct 19

In ancient times, the Greek people believed their mythical world was real. Greek storytellers would tell tales of the Greek monsters of myth. The children listening to these stories would shiver and ooh, but they were not really scared. After all, most of the monsters were dead! Everybody knew that brave, Greek heroes had killed them using courage, initiative and strength.

In DT this week, Class 3S pupils have been the heroes, inspired by the reality of their Humanities lessons on Ancient Greece. They used the strength of their imagination to make mythical monsters.  Courageously, they used collage to create them, cutting and sticking paper to make their monsters come alive.  Initiative was required as they made choices relating to shape and colour, as well as experimenting with cutting jagged teeth, spectacular spikes and imposing horns. 

Excitingly, these mythical monsters will be made into real moving monsters in the Year 3 heroes’ future DT lessons.