Online Safety Update

Senior School
4 Oct 19

The latest trends and updates from the digital world from Mr Evans.

Gaming – information for parents and carers

ThinkUKnow (CEOP) have written a comprehensive article for parents and carers regarding gaming including chatting, risks and tips. You can view the full article here.


Across the UK, there has been an increase in the use of Twitch (a live streaming video platform). Recent surveys by Alan Mackenzie, who is an online safety advisor, suggest this is happening with students as young as Year 4. It is not a majority by any stretch, but the numbers have definitely risen since the end of last term. Most of the students who say they use Twitch are simply watching streams, whilst a smaller number are going live themselves. Remember one of the fundamental principles of safeguarding: offenders will be where the children are. Find out more about the platform and how to manage your child’s usage here.

Safeguarding Podcast – SafeToNet

I love podcasts, especially for long periods on the road or while doing the washing-up. A great podcast to listen to is from SafeToNet which focusses on safeguarding children in the digital context and is well worth a listen with a variety of topics and in-depth discussions. Download it here.