Mixed Media Art

Senior School
10 Feb 22

Miss Peart-Price’s Third Form Art students are currently working on a mixed-media fantasy inspired self-portrait. The students have been using a range of processes and techniques to create their mixed media artwork that is inspired by the artist Sharyle Doherty. Doherty uses art as an expression of her life, applying layers, vibrant colours, acrylic paint, collages and anything that will make an interesting mark.

The background of our students artwork pieces have been created using collage with newspaper, coloured paper and printed designs. Students have torn the mixture of papers and placed the pieces in random compositions to create their own unique and colourful backgrounds.

After the backgrounds had been created, the students started to illustrate their fantasy designs using black sharpie pens and oil pastels to build upon the base layers created.

This week students are starting to add acrylic paint to build upon the multiple layers and make their self-portrait outline come to life. Keep up the great work Third Form!