Message from our Head of Pre-Prep – 15th May 2020

Senior School
15 May 20

Well, what an unusual Summer term! It certainly has been very different, how our School life changed. Our first, most-noticeable change, is not being in a physical classroom with all our resources and teaching tools to hand. Now, we are teaching with whiteboards and using puppets and a new online-reading platform. It’s fantastic to see even our youngest members of the School online and using Zoom for our lessons. 

Without having our pupils, the lifeblood of our little community, the corridors are quiet, there is no patter of little feet along the corridor or up and down the stairs. I’m certainly missing all of the happy, eager faces of our pupils as they walk to their classroom and I’m missing the boisterous laughter at break time.

Our busy classrooms have been replaced by a laptop screen showing happy, enthusiastic faces who are loving their online learning. Children as young as four are using Zoom, chatting to their teachers and accessing Maths, Literacy, reading, Science and much, much more.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our parent body, as without your help, kindness and support, our home learning system would just not be possible. We hope you are equally enjoying the lessons and that you are keeping up! As adults, you are now getting a glimpse into a day in the life of a child and you now understand why they often fall asleep as soon as they get in from School.

Finally, to all of our Pre-Prep children, a message from your teachers; we miss you lots and are so looking forward to seeing you in person. In the meantime, keep up all the hard work you have been doing. Remember your full stops, capital letters and of course, Year 2, keep practising your cursive writing.

To our parents, life is different for us all and it takes time to adapt to a different world. Fortunately, we are all working towards a common goal, which is achieving the successes that your children so deserve. Hopefully, we will see you all very soon.

You may miss seeing each other in the playground, so here are some pictures of Pre-prep for you to enjoy. 

Stay safe.

Miss McCarmick, Head of Pre-Prep