Inter-School Exercise Fixture vs St Lawrence College

Senior School
15 May 20

Last Saturday, 93 First to Fourth Form pupils participated in an Inter-School Exercise Fixture against St Lawrence College that saw participants having to run, walk or cycle for 30 minutes to cover as much distance as possible.

Both teams performed incredibly well in what was a very close result.


Sutton Valence

Distance travelled 647.14km.

Average km per student 6.96km/person.

St Lawrence College

Distance travelled 654.88km

Average km per student 7.04km


St Lawrence College won by just 7.73km. That is just one bike ride! An amazingly close result and credit to all participants from both schools who covered some amazing distances.

Standout performances from SV
Edward Dyer (First Form) ran 6.6km
Evie Smith (First Form) ran 5.6km
Elizabeth Myers (Second Form)  ran 5.9km
Harry Worrell (Second Form) cycled 15.7km
Max Lindsay (Third Form)  ran 6.7km
Maisey Russell (Third Form) cycled 10.9km                           
Annabel Callander (Fourth Form) ran 5.5km
Edward Evans (Fourth Form) cycled 13.1km