Message from Head of Pre-Prep – 25th June 2021

Senior School
25 Jun 21

Earlier this week, I was greeted by Charlotte in Year 6 who said ‘Morning Miss McCarmick, don’t you just love the British weather?’. Certainly, we have seen quite a change over the last couple of weeks! When I last wrote in the School newsletter, I reflected on the weather and today I write again, but this time with great pride at the stoic attitude of ‘we keep going whatever the weather’ that I have witnessed this week. 

For those who are not up to speed with the Pre-Prep world, we were delighted to be able to hold our first event with parents on site this Monday, which started with Pre-Prep Sports Day. Mr Davey set up a wonderful rotation of sporting activities. In the ball throw, the Year 2 children were quite keen to see if they could have their ball reach our parents and Bertie and Amy did come quite close! There were various skills races, including balancing bean bags, hopping through hoops and a mad dash for the finish line. We concluded the morning with brilliant running races, showing sheer grit and determination to make it to the end or in some cases, for our new younger runners, continuing past the finish line and around the track! All of this took place in blustery conditions, which then developed into a wet and windy sports day. However, I am delighted to report that the children did not complain once. Instead, they put on their coats and ran on, with rain in their eyes, wanting to show their families the very best they could do. We are so proud of this positive attitude, demonstrating resilience and showing that if things don’t quite go to plan, we keep going anyway, with big, beaming smiles on our faces.

Later that morning, after we had time to dry off, we went into the Bates Hall to celebrate all that the children have accomplished over the past year. This was, for some, their first opportunity to come together for an assembly. The children have been so used to having virtual assemblies, this was a very new experience. We were all greeted by Miss Corkran, who shared her pride in how much all of the children have accomplished this year. Then, prizes and books were given to all our pupils in Pre-Prep. We are all thoroughly thrilled with all the children have achieved. A very big well done!

As the week progressed and the sunshine started to spill out in the sky, the Young Climbers and Little Steps Nursery classes had their sporting events. These were so much fun, with children running here and there, but of course, I can assure you that Mrs McInerney had everything under control, with perhaps a little help from a few budding helpers in the Nursery. It was wonderful to see all the children having lots of fun and enjoyment.

As the week draws to a close, all our sporting events have now been completed. Prep has now participated in their Sports Day and what a triumph that has been, too. Mr Davey and his team should be incredibly proud of all they have achieved.

As we enter the last couple of weeks, we remain incredibly busy, with many more events to come, all of which have been adapted to fit with Government guidance and to make sure that this term ends as successfully as it possibly can!

Miss McCarmick, Head of Pre-Prep