Super Sandwiches

Senior School
25 Jun 21

In English this week, Year 3 has been exploring the skill of writing instructions by making the most delicious sandwiches!

When writing instructions, it is always fun to think about how you would explain something to an alien who has never heard of the thing you are doing – what is a sandwich? How do you make it? What do you do with it?

In order to write thorough instructions, the children had to explore ‘bossy’ verbs (imperatives), time connectives (first, then, next, finally) and ensure that the points were written in chronological order. Once the instructions were completed, the children delighted in making their own sandwiches with their favourite ingredients brought in from home.

What would be your choice? Marmite, ham, cheese, chicken or something else? And, of course, following the making of the sandwich came the eating – scrumptious!