Super Salads

Senior School
25 Jun 21

Perhaps we underestimated quite how important a self-serve salad counter is to our corporate wellbeing!  A pre-boxed salad, however tasty, is not quite the same as being able to build your own. Once numbers dropped after half term, we dusted off the salad servery counters, bought in supplies of vinyl gloves to prevent contamination whilst using our serving utensils and the celebrations could be heard across the campus.

A further underestimation was the extent to which staff and pupils manage their own diet from the salad counters where problematic foods can be avoided with relative ease.   

Diet fads with fancy names and full of promise come and go but there is one label that deserves attention. It’s called Plant Forward which simply encourages us to eat more plant-based dishes and less meat, fish, dairy or processed foods. We may not be ready to go vegetarian or outright vegan but we can consider the health and environmental benefits of changing the ratio of food types on our plate. 

We are committed to finding popular dishes that meet the nutritional needs of the School community whilst considering our social responsibility to the environment and our own well-being. 

What meat-free pizza topping could rival pepperoni? Would we still love pasta without the carbonara sauce? Answers to!

Mr Devine, Catering Manager