Medical Work Experience

Senior School
5 Nov 21

Scarlett Washington (Lower Sixth) kept busy over Half Term spending a week in Middlesex University taking part in some medical work experience with Medical Projects. She has written a short report on her experience below.

“During the second week of the half term, I went up to London to stay for a week in Middlesex University accommodation and get some medical work experience with Medical Projects before applying to universities next year.

Each day we would go to the university to learn some basic clinical skills on dummies such as suturing, venepuncture and CPR training – I particularly enjoyed trying my first ever cannulation. We also had the opportunity to use the simulation rooms to understand the way to react with a patient, even though it was still a dummy, but it did manage to frighten us the first time by talking through a walkie-talkie!

It was a brilliant experience where I learnt a lot of new skills and I learnt a lot about my own way of thinking in medical scenarios. I met lots of new people who I stayed with during this week and we worked together on most of the skills. We also had the time to travel into London and enjoy free time at various spots in London, and we even saw a West End show. It was such a brilliant experience that has given me a lot of confidence and has taught me so much. If anyone is considering a career in the medical field, I would recommend looking into this program, I definitely think that it was worth it.”