Army Field Day 2021

Senior School
5 Nov 21

During Half Term, the Army Section deployed to Pippingford Park for a 24-hour exercise. 

The setting: a rugged, isolated training area where the enemy was located.

The mission: to infiltrate enemy territory, set up a temporary overnight harbour, locate and retrieve an important document and then move to the extraction area.

The exercise was a culmination of School-based skills sessions and allowed the cadets to understand how the individual skills fit together when in the field. The weather was dry and the level of enthusiasm from the cadets was excellent. Our first senior field day in 18 months was a success with the mission achieved.

Our thanks go to Major Millbery and the staff who took on a variety of roles from Platoon Commander, Enemy and Admin Support, the NCOs who took on the responsibility of organising the platoon and the cadets themselves who fully engaged with the scenario and threw themselves into the activities.

You can view the photos here.